Take the risk! Professional enduro beginner training and tours Andalusia

"… I would love to experience…” is a sentence we have been hearing frequently over the last few years as we present pictures and videos of our Enduro tours through the dreamlike Andalusian landscape. But: “…I’m too scared - I’ve never done that before…” is often the ending to that sentence. “Pity” we thought, “you’re missing out! But…the part where you trust yourself is your responsibility - everything else we can do for you."

We say: "Take the Risk" and sign up for you first beginner enduro adventure!


During the 8 day stay in our Finca Lim n near the Andalusian town of Pizarra, M laga, we will guide your bit by bit through your first Off-road Adventure.

In our off-road driving techniques centre, an official enduro Training park in Andalusia, we teach you in 1 - 2 training days (depending on your previous knowledge) under professional guidance. With much fun and action you will master your theoretical and practical knowledge about your first off-road adventure.

Our trained and certified Off-road trainer will teach you the basic Enduro driving according to your level of performance, rising demand and level of difficulty to get you on a driving level which it allowed to enter real terrain, with the best possible safety and maximum fun.

After the park training we take you on fantastic tours in the the Andalusian mountains and valleys. Amazing landscapes await you, places which you did not even consider reaching by motorbike a few days ago. During the tours we will repeatedly integrate small exercises on real obstacles in order to continue our training on the tour.

We’ll give you everything to survive this adventure!

Yes you will sweat! Maybe you will even have to pick up the bike from the ground. In some cases you may also need courage, ambition and overcome your inner bastard, but we are sure you will laugh a lot, marvel and achieve goals that other could only dream of. You will encounter and overcome your own limits, in such a way which will challenge you but not overwhelm you.

Many paths lead to the summit - through our experience and local knowledge we will choose the right one for you.

Each training and touring day will end in our dreamlike located Finca, which has all kinds of amenities. Just put down the bikes after the tour and our master mechanics will take care of them whilst you put your feet in the pool and gather new strength for the next exciting day. The following morning after a filling breakfast you can return to your freshly inspected bike and make your way. Everything in one place - no annoying transfer trips!

And it is not for nothing that motorcycle street athletes train in the field. It is unbelievable how much you can get from an off-road tour on your motorbike, you gain lasting safety which will increase your driving please forever.


Our season in Andalusia starts at the end of September and finishes in May. All current dates can be found in our calendar. We are happy to provide a special schedule for you - simply ask us and we will explain all possibilities.

Price and details:

  • Tour type: Beginner Enduro / Off-road training
  • Area: Pizarra (Málaga) Southern Spain / Andalusia
  • Daily time span: approximately 7 hours
  • Course profile: Off-road
  • Tour Start / End: Pizarra / Málaga
  • Single room: 250 € per week
  • Number of participants: Min. 3 Max. 8
  • Destination airport: Málaga
  • Price for a driver: 1.649 €


Included services:

  • 8 day stay with 5 driving days (other possibilities available upon request)
  • 7 nights in a double room with breakfast in our Finca Lim n
  • 1 day off
  • Rental vehicle is a KTM (always the latest model of each year)
  • Petrol for rental vehicles
  • Tour guide
  • Pictures from each tour


Not included:

  • Catering throughout the day
  • Flight to Malaga
  • Arrival / transfer to the Finca



  • Enduro experience
  • Valid identity card
  • Valid motorcycle license
  • International health insurance with sick repatriation is recommended
  • Physical fitness
  • The will to learn / experience something new


To ensure maximum passive safety protective equipment is a requirement; helmet, Enduro glasses, gloves, MX or Enduro boots, protector jacket, shirt and pants. Rental equipment is available, prices upon inquiry.

Damage to rental vehicles

With regards to scratches which you potentially cause on the plastic parts or handcars of the vehicle this does not apply. If however, in case of a fall, something is damaged which will require to be repaired or replaced, we will include our own costs on your bill. As you can imagine the next group would also like to enjoy decent quality vehicles.

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