Enduro Marocco Rif Mountain Tour

Enduro driving in Africa!! Sport enduro tour through the Rif mountains in Morocco

Come with us to the Rif mountains in the Northern Morocco and experience the fascination of the foreign cultures in an amazing off-road adventure. The wild nature, friendly people and magical place of Chefchaouen will cast a spell on you.

Our base is a typical Moroccan house on the edge of Chefchaouens old town and features a spectacular view on the roof terrace of the once Holy city. It is the perfect starting point to drive around and on your free day allows you to explore the town and experience the Moroccan flair. Ideal for bringing along a partner or friend who isn’t taking part of the enduro experience. Simply contact us if your partner would like to come along.



  • Day 1: Arrival to the base hotel in Spain
  • Day 2: With a shuttles and the enduros on the trailer we will drive to Algeciras. We will take the Ferry to Ceuta and from there on out we will start the adventure through the Rif mountains to Chefchaouen
  • Day 3: An incredible trail leads us to the top of the Rif mountain
  • Day 4: Day off
  • Day 5: Trails, gravel and dirt roads will take us deep into the heart of the Rif Mountain and reveal many secrets and great impressions
  • Day 6: From Chefchaouen back to Tetuan where we will take a ferry back to Algeciras and using a transfer to get back to the base hotel in Spain
  • Day 7: Departure


  • 18.11.-25.11.2023

Specific dates are possible at any time after consultation - see inquiry form for more information.

Price and details:

  • Tour type: Offroad Sport enduro Tour Course profile: Off-road, trials, ascents / descents, brook beds, gravel and dirt roads, short asphalt connection roads
  • Area: Andalusia, Rif region in Morocco, Chefchaouen
  • Daily time span: approximately 8 hours
    Transfer shuttles: Airport transfer, Shuttle to Algeciras, Ferry to Ceuta and back
  • Duration of stay: 7 days
  • Driving days: 5 days
  • Number of participants: Min. 5 - Max. 7
  • Overnight stays included: 6 nights including breakfast in a double room
  • Single room: 275 € per week
  • Number of participants: min. 3 - max. 6 (größere Gruppen auf Wunsch möglich)
  • Destination airport: Malaga
  • Price for a driver: 2.499 €


Included services:

  • 7 day stay
  • 5 guided day tours
  • 6 nights in a double room with breakfast
  • Rental vehicle KTM
  • Petrol for rental vehicles
  • Tour guide
  • Pictures from each tour


Not included:

  • Catering throughout the day
  • Flight to Málaga



  • Valid identity card
  • Valid motorcycle license
  • International health insurance with sick repatriation is recommended
  • Physical fitness


To ensure maximum passive safety protective equipment is a requirement; helmet, Enduro glasses, gloves, MX or Enduro boots, protector jacket, shirt and pants. Rental equipment is available, prices upon inquiry.

Damage to rental vehicles

With regards to scratches which you potentially cause on the plastic parts or handcars of the vehicle this does not apply. If however, in case of a fall, something is damaged which will require to be repaired or replaced, we will include our own costs on your bill. As you can imagine the next group would also like to enjoy decent quality vehicles.


We will be driving offload with a very small amount of asphalt. Roughly 7 hours will be spent daily on a tour.

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