Enduro Action Tour Algarve - Portugal

The Algarve in Portugal has a lot to offer. Steep cliffs with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Single trails along the rough, rocky west coast will push you to your limits. And on the numerous sandy trails, you'll have to turn on the gas full blast. In the evenings, spend the balmy temperatures on incredible beaches and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the numerous, small restaurants far away from mass tourism.


  • 04.11.23 - 11.11.23
  • 16.03.24 - 23.03.24
  • 23.03.24 - 30.03.24
  • 26.10.24 - 02.11.24
  • 02.11.24 - 09.11.24
  • 22.03.25 - 29.03.25
  • 29.03.25 - 05.04.25
  • 25.10.25 - 01.11.25
  • 01.11.25 - 08.11.25

All current dates can be found in the calendar. We would also be happy to arrange a special appointment for you - just ask, we will be happy to explain the possibilities.

Price and Details:

  • Tour type: Enduro hiking tour if required incl. basic training (suitable for beginners and advanced)
  • Course profile: Off-road - with culinary stops and beautiful views
  • Area: Algarve/ Portugal
  • Daily time span: approximately 7 hours
  • Tour Start / End: Algarve/ Portugal
  • Single room: 250 € per week (only if available on site)
  • Number of participants: 3 - Max. 8 (larger groups possible at request)
  • Destination airport: Faro (about 1 hour away)
  • Price for a driver: 1.799 €


Included services:

  • 8 day stay
  • 5 guided day tours
  • Petrol for rental vehicles
  • 1 day off
  • 7 nights in a double room with breakfast
  • Rental vehicle is a KTM (always the latest model of each year)
  • Tour Present
  • Pictures from the tour
  • Tour guide 


Not included:

  • Catering throughout the day
  • Flight to Faro
  • Arrival / transfer to the Lodge



  • Enduro experience
  • Valid identity card
  • Valid motorcycle license
  • International health insurance with sick repatriation is recommended
  • Physical fitness
  • Curiosity & openness to learn something new


To ensure maximum passive safety protective equipment is a requirement; helmet, Enduro glasses, gloves, MX or Enduro boots, protector jacket, shirt and pants. Rental equipment is available, prices upon inquiry.

Damage to rental vehicles

With regards to scratches which you potentially cause on the plastic parts or handcars of the vehicle this does not apply. If however, in case of a fall, something is damaged which will require to be repaired or replaced, we will include our own costs on your bill. As you can imagine the next group would also like to enjoy decent quality vehicles.


We will be driving offload with a very small amount of asphalt. Roughly 7 hours will be spent daily on a tour.

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